Provider And Protector

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; You anoint my head with oil; my cup runs over. –Ps. 23:5

A shepherd, like David, would take the sheep to the plateaus for summer. This area is often called “the table lands”. The shepherd makes several trips to the table lands to prepare it for his flock. He must clean out their water holes which may be full of debris. He searches for poisonous plants in order to remove them before the sheep arrive. He leaves deposits of salt and minerals in various places for the sheep to enjoy. He learns where predators can hide waiting to attack the sheep.
It is necessary to anoint the sheep’s head with oil in order to protect them from parasites and disease. Unprotected sheep will jerk their head frantically trying to get away from the dreaded nose flies, but once they are anointed with the oil, they immediately become peaceful.
Our good shepherd, the Lord Jesus Christ, provides for us and protects His flock. He is always with us, watching over us. He is there in the midst of our storms. All that we have: food, clothing, homes, and jobs come from Him. He provides our every need, and nothing can snatch us out of His hand. He has given us grace, strength, peace and joy. Our cups run over with blessings. We may not have what the world considers as riches, but we have the greatest riches of all. We have an inheritance with the King of Kings. He has prepared a place for us in heaven where we will dwell eternally with Him. Rejoice little flock; your Shepherd takes care of you!

Copyright 2013 Carolyn Dale Newell.