Sara Lowe

Sara Lowe is founder and president of Faith Audio Center. She is the writer and narrator of The Unbelievable But True Story of Moses. Lowe is an award-winning writer and marketing/public relations professional with 20+ years working at the corporate level and as an entrepreneur.

As the owner of her own marketing company, Lowe served clients in travel and hospitality, education, Christian organizations, a museum, non-profit and advertising agencies.

She was part of the marketing executive team for The Family Channel cable tv network (now ABC Family). As Director of Public Relations, she worked with the nation’s newspapers, magazines, news syndicates and gained coverage in broadcast outlets such as Larry King Live, CNN Showbiz, Entertainment Tonight and others. Her actions resulted in many positive articles by The Associated Press, TV Guide, Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, USA Today, and many more.

Lowe oversaw publicity campaigns for movies, tv series and their stars. Celebrities included Alex Haley (author of “Roots”), Courtney Vance (“Law and Order”), Malcolm Jamal-Warner (“The Cosby Show”), Mickey Rooney, Chad Lowe and Sam Neill, among others

Lowe began her career as a journalist, winning state and national awards for her skills as a writer. She covered health, city government, social issues, pop culture and the arts. She wrote series on the importance of early education in autism, a high-profile murder case, and women in prison, among others. She interviewed celebrities from Amy Grant to jazz great Dave Brubeck. A member of Toastmasters International, she has augmented her skills with public speaking